This site is maintained by Huan Tran. The current objective is to host and share some of his research activities, codes, data, and some machine-learning (ML) models he developed within the area of materials informatics. More information can be found at Huan Tran @ GATech, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, and ORCID. Questions, requests, and comments are welcome at

Recent news

  1. Aug. 25, 2023: Huan Tran awarded an SBIR Phase I Project: A Physics-Informed/Encoded Polymer Informatics Platform for Accelerated Development of Advanced Polymers and Formulations by National Science Foundation.
  2. Aug. 07, 2023: National Science Foundation's Accelerate ACCESS Allocation DMR170031 request for 2023 approved for Phase 1 with 1,500,000 credits.
  3. Jul. 18, 2023: paper on "Machine-learning approach for discovery of conventional superconductors [Phys. Rev. Materials 7, 054805 (2023)]" featured in SDSC News,, and Fagen Wasanni Technologies (with a typo in predicted Tc).